UNCON 2022 19th-20th November

  Saturday 19th November: 10:00 AM - 10:30 PM
     Sunday 20th November: 9:30 AM - 8:30 PM

  Baypoint  |  Ramsgate Rd, Sandwich CT13 9QL

What is UNCON

Uncon was created by a local community of board gamers.

Uncon was originally a huge gaming birthday party that was so popular that it was an "unconventional" convention, our name was born! We have successfully hosted UNCON 3 times, growing in popularity each time. We are a proud community of board gamers who are part of margate tabletop boardgame club, meeting each week in margate to play boardgames. We merely wish to share our love and passion of our hobby to entertain the community and keep the hobby alive and thriving and to meet new people.

In order to share our love for the hobby, any profits made from this event goes towards to next, so the fun never stops! We appreciate your custom and look forward to seeing you in November! - or at one of our Monday night board game meets in Margate!!


Uncon organizers: Darius Twyman and Jessica Mills with grateful help from all of our volunteers!

Where is UNCON

UNCON 2022 will be hosted at Baypoint, Ramsgate Road in Sandwich