What games will there be, and do you have a list I can look at?

The variety of games is so wide that there is a game in our library for everyone. You can see our whole library at BoardGameGeek.

Do I need to bring my own board games?

You do not need to bring your own games as you will have full access to the UNCON board game library. However, if there is a particular game you have at home that you would like to play, bring it along too.

Is it okay to come by myself? Will I get a game?

If you're a lone visitor, find a host and they can get you into a game very quickly. Alternatively, you can use our 'Players Wanted' flag system to find players for a game that you'd like to play. There will also be game designers around UNCON demonstrating their games, which they'll be happy to show you.

Do we have to rent the games?

No. That is all covered on your weekend entry.

Is there parking available at the venue?

Yes, there is parking on site.

Do I need to show my ticket every day?

You will need to show a copy of your online ticket or bring ID for us to find you on the guest list.

I've lost my ticket, can I get a new one?

Yes. We can either email it to you again, or just turn up on the door and you'll be on the guest list if you have pre-booked.

Who can I speak to if I feel I do not understand something during UNCON?

You can speak to anyone in an UNCON host t-shirt, or to the doorman and they'll be happy to find the organisers for you.