Information for Exhibitors

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at unconventional gaming convention! If you would like to join the growing team of exhibitors to showcase your games in a welcoming and diverse gaming environment of around 350 attendees*, please find details below on how to apply for your space.

Here at UNCON we pride ourselves in providing a happy and welcoming experience for our attendees by inviting anyone and everyone to be involved with what UNCON has to offer. We do this with our team of volunteers who recommend, play and teach games to our guests so they can skip rule books, host a variety of pre-set-up games to help settle those new to the hobby and with our amazing exhibitors who are happy to get people involved in their projects.

* Based on previous UNCON event attendees

What type of exhibitor are you?

Playtest This type of exhibit is for games that are still in progress and in the development stage and you can playtest your games and receive feedback. Published or finished designs that are out for retail do not fall under this category.
Exhibitor This is for published games that you would like to demonstrate to the crowd which are at retail and you can sell at the con if you wish.
Trader For those who are looking to be one our traders who sell a variety of games or products to UNCON attendees.


Playtest zone

£10 per slot (in addition to purchased UNCON tickets)

UNCONS playtest zone will be reserved for play testers to invite attendees to join games throughout the weekend and will be in an advertised space within easy reach of the main walkthrough of the con, each play tester will receive:

  • 1 x standard table
  • 4 chairs, with the option of additional chairs if player count is higher and chairs are available.
  • Permitted to gain feedback from play testers.
  • Opportunity to self-advertise on the UNCON Facebook page and event once a slot is booked.

Slot times (only 8 tables available per slot)

Morning: 8:45 -13:15
Afternoon: 13:15 - 18.45
Evening: 18:45 - 22:15

Set up/down time is included within these times, a full day 8:45 - 22:15 is booked at a cost of £30. Play testers booking for a whole weekend may choose to purchase and gain the benefits of an exhibitor space as described below.

Exhibitor and Trader space

Weekend 14th & 15th All day £ 75 per space

Exhibitors and traders at UNCON will be located at the main centre walkthrough of the con in order to show off what you have on offer. This provides opportunity to invite attendees to join demonstrated games as they explore the con and to sell games/ merchandise or products. Each purchased space will include:

  • 1 x standard table within 2m x 3m space
  • 4 chairs (exhibitors only, traders will receive 1 per person)
  • Space for banners and stock 5ft behind table.
  • Opportunity to self-advertise on the UNCON Facebook page and event.
  • Advertisement on our website following submission of advertising information and pictures within their booking form.

UNCON weekend tickets will be included for 1 person, per exhibitor/trader space (if two tables are booked, two weekend tickets will be provided etc). In order to use our space efficiently, exhibitor/trader spaces are only available to be booked for the entirety of the con, please see opening times below.

Additional information

Set up times will be on Friday 13th at 16:30pm – 18:30pm, we strongly encourage to use this time for set up. If you are not able to set up on Friday, please be prompt to the set-up time of 08:00am Saturday 14th to ensure the con is up and running to the public between:

09:00am – 23:00pm Saturday 14th November

09:00am – 18:00pm Sunday 15th November

Any exhibitors who arrive late may be declined their space without refund.

UNCON’s convention space will be located across the corridor from a large-scale convention (miniature railway), that has around 2000 attendees over the weekend, therefore we urge exhibitors to arrive early in order to gain parking.

The school will be locked by the on-site manager to the public and all UNCON crew and exhibitors from 12:00am and 08:00am overnight on Saturday 14th November, although previous events have not seen stolen goods, UNCON will not take responsibility for any goods left unattended at any time throughout the weekend.

All fees are payable at the time of reservation for a guaranteed space. All reservations are handled on a first come basis, with priority given to those reservations that include payment. Payments details will be released upon receipt of an UNCON exhibitor booking form and agreement of exhibit requests.

Bookings will not be secured until payment is received in full. No refunds will be provided, this is to discourage unnecessary cancellations and to ensure that space is available for those who are able to commit to joining the UNCON exhibitor team and to avoid disappointment for attendees.

Convention address: St George's C of E Foundation School, Westwood Rd, Broadstairs CT10 2LH

Form Downloads

Exhibitor Information - Same information as above in word document format.

Exhibitor Booking Form - Booking form in word format. This will need to be filled out and E-mailed to